Distribution Plushies

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By Olga | June 29th 2012

Welcome to the wonderful worlds of statistics and mathematics, dive into distribution enchantment, indulge yourself in the bubble bath of variable independence testing. Oh what fun! And I'm not kidding, Nausicaa Distribution manages to transform statistics into the hippest cutest thing around. 


Distribution plushie

Standard Normal Distribution Plushie

Distribution plushie Chi-square Distribution Plushie


Distribution plushie

 Uniform Distribution Plushie

Insatiable? Get the whole collection of Distribution Plushies:

  1. Light Green Standard Normal Distribution
  2. Baby Blue t Distribution
  3. Light Yellow Chi-Square Distribution
  4. Light Pink Log Normal Distribution
  5. Lilac Continuous Uniform Distribution
  6. Tan Weibull Distribution
  7. Olive Green Cauchy Distribution
  8. Slate Blue Poisson Distribution
  9. Maroon Gumbel Distribution
  10. Gray Erlang Distribution


Distribution plushies


If you have a little baby you want to give a statistical gift to - and why wouldn't you - opt for the distribution plushie and burp cloth set.


Although they are officially plushies but the large ones can easily double as pillows and you know what that means? That the so far uncontested  cute supremacy of Mymimi pillows has just been challenged. It is too early to declare a winner but the game is definitely on.

Available here: Nausicaa Distribution

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