Halloween Costume Countdown 9

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By Coraline | October 28th 2012

“Now I am old-fashioned. A woman, I consider, should be womanly. I have no patience with the modern neurotic girl who jazzes from morning to night, smokes like a chimney, and uses language which would make a billingsgate fishwoman blush!”

- Agatha Christie, Murder on the Links -


It is the 1920s, an era of great social change. Referred to as the Roaring Twenties, it is a decade of economic prosperity. Women too, are redefining their roles, being a Flapper was much more than a style statement; it was an expression of a revolutionary shift in ideas and values.


This Halloween, be daring, independent, exotic, be a Flapper!


Flapper costume inspiration

Black and red flapper dress

Flapper dress in shades of mauve

Black ostrich feather handbag

Vintage flapper shoes

Peacock feather flapper headband

Knotted cultured freshwater pearl necklace

Cuff bracelet

Silver grey ostrich and ruffle feather shrug



Flapper costume inspiration Long cigarette holder

Brown flapper hat

Vintage 1920s hat

Pink vintage flower headband

Edwardian 1920s cream crochet cotton day gloves

Bracelet and earrings set in Art Deco style


1920s Flapper Hairstyle Tutorial for Short Hair


1920s Flapper Hairstyle Tutorial for Longer Hair


Vintage Makeup Tutorial - 1920s Inspired Look


Get the Moves Right with this Video of the 1920s Charleston

Available here: Links are under each image

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