Mug Cozy with an Attitude

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By Coraline | July 4th 2012

"Can I have a cup of your excellent tea, Mrs. Lipton?"

(From one of my all time favorite TV series You Rang, M'Lord)

Every moment of your life spent awake is an ideal moment for a good cup of tea or coffee. Though everyone does it, sipping a hot beverage has the magical quality of always making you feel special. Whether on the run with a travel cup or in the privacy of your home with your favorite mug you just feel comfortable and strengthened in your identity. The cup sitting on your desk becomes the extension of who you are. No wonder people cherish their personal mugs, and no surprise that the funny/emotional mug business has made many millionaires. Ok, I don't have the facts here, but it is feasible.


And there is just one thing better than a cup of delightful coffee/tea/hot chocolate, a cup of delightful coffee/tea/hot chocolate wearing a cozy. While practical as well but the whole concept is just so much fun.


To find awesome handmade cozies with a lot of kick-ass attitude, look no further then KnotWork Shop. These are some of my favorites, but it is quite impossible to choose really.


Cup cozy 

Cup cozy

Available here: KnotworkShop

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