Take Me to the Candy Shop...

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By Coraline | May 19th 2012

Was I ever so obsessed with vividly colored candy as a child, I wonder. I must have always liked them, but now I'm absolutely in love with them. I would venture to suggest that genetics (especially in the female specimen) are behind the irresistible attraction to the candy shop, and this time it is not the 50 Cent version I'm talking about. 


Candy is the most obvious love-child of gastronomy and design, the possibilities are just endless. Not to mention that hand-made sweets creatively wrapped are probably the best kind of gift out there. They are just the cutest, you will seem original, everybody appreciates them, and they collect no dust, take up no space, permanently I mean.  And what could be better than just giving them or eating them? Well how about gaining access to the inner sanctum of the candy shop and actually having a go at making them? This is exactly what the Cukorka – Sweetfabric Budapest shop offers with their candy making workshops.


This relatively new shop, which proclaims to take cute deadly seriously is a Mecca of all things candy and lollypop. They hold regular workshops for people like you and me, people who appreciate the finer things in life.


To find out more about them and see when the next event will be held, keep checking back to their facebook page.

Available here: Cukorka

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