The F Word

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By Olga | July 23rd 2012

Today we take a trip on the slightly macabre side with the creations of Bea from FforFelt, who is a pink ninja level master of needle felted wool sculptures.  


I am probably the last person who actually wants to - as Gaston sings in the classic Beauty and the Beast - use antlers (bear skins in this case) in all of my decorating. I've never really searched out opportunities to connect with my inner rugged huntsman. Yet, these needle felted bear skins have managed to tame the whole concept. They are the "Eco-friendly response to your predatory needs" and I thinks I'm almost comfortable with that.


needle felted wool bear skin


needle felted wool bear skin


Among the many unique dolls Bea also made a pretty awesome needle felted Yoda and her Wonderland characters are to die for (love the Cheshire Cat). It is definitely worthwhile to check out all of her fantastic creations in the FforFelt Etsy shop and on her blog.


needle felted wool Wonderland characters

Available here: FforFelt

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