The One and Only Lullaby Lamb

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By Coraline | May 24th 2012

It is with great honor and distinguished affection that I present to you the pink ninja hello kitty level master of awesomeness, the epitome of cuteness and the mastermind behind all seemingly innocent yet cleverly fiendish conspiracies of human history......... I give you the one and only Lullaby Lamb.


Lullaby Lamb


Oh, but I can't. (Sinister laugh...) Only you can make Lullaby Lamb manifest itself in your own home by ordering a pattern from Gingermelon and getting your hands dirty with sewing.  Patterns include easy to follow instructions and illustrations, material and supply list, yes for her sweet little pillow too. According to Gingermelon  the Lullaby Lamb is suitable for all levels of sewing skills....... but will she be this cute, you scream into the pitch black night. The howl of wolfs sounds cynical.


Check out more Gingermelon patterns in her Etsy shop.

Available here: Gingermelon

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