Ultimate Kawaii Sleeping Mask

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By Coraline | June 7th 2012

I don't use sleeping masks but maybe I should start to reconsider my stance. I love bringing a smile to people's faces but up till now this activity was limited to my hours spent awake. With one of these super kawaii masks I can bring merriment  even when sound asleep.  I can just imagine my husband cracking up every time he goes out to the bathroom. Swee Leng's  functional kawaii plushes are so super lovable and cute that you should own one for pure therapeutic purposes, these designs are so full of positive vibe that feeling down just won't come natural any more.


Kawaii sleeping masks


Swee Leng's plushes - sleeping masks among them - are available through her Etsy shop Swiedebie

Available here: Swiedebie

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