Wearing Octopus for Beginners

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By Olga | September 7th 2012

After yesterday’s Octopus Girl I was still in the nautical mood and I caught myself humming the classic O Fortuna Misheard line: "This Octopus, let’s give him boots, send him to North Korea!" over and over again.


That is when I knew I would stick with this theme. Today’s finds are these mighty awesome messenger bags from Retro Pop Namu, purveyor of great stuff all decorated with Retro Japanese motifs reinterpreted to suit your 21th century aesthetic needs. There is just something inherently nifty (a good old fashioned retro word) about wearing an octopus or squid. It is definitely a style statement I’m comfortable with. Love the goggles, they add a slight hint of the always appreciated Steampunk style.


Octopus Bag

Ninja Octopus

Mad Science Squid


Available here: Retro Pop Namu

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