Your Personal Area 51

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By Olga | June 25th 2012

When it comes to close encounters of the third kind Design Toscano brings you only the best in extra terrestrial crashed vehicles.  Their UFOs are effortlessly out of this world awesome.


UFO crash


"It’s been tough to see an alien spacecraft up close – until now! Our Design Toscano exclusive sizeable, extra-terrestrial statement piece will come down for a crash landing in your own private Roswell!"


These guys saw a niche market and to the delight of me and about a dozen more people on Earth swooped right in. This fine piece of UFO has everything from mysterious otherworldly quality to powerful thrusters and hand-painted inter-planetary hues. You just don't ask for more. (A little hovering maybe.... but since it is crashed that wouldn't make sense right?)


Install one today and see your neighbors turn green with envy, no wait the little green guys with big black eyes they are not the Jones. They say they've come to reclaim.

Available here: Design Toscano

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