44 Things Marie Antoinette

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By Coraline | September 25th 2012

Don’t we all wish, every once in a while to indulge ourselves in the luxurious decadence, the over-the-top extravaganza of the world of Marie Antoinette with all its finery, the rose pink and powder blue silks, gold brocade and delicate lace? While her fate is a tragic one no person would wish to emulate, a few days as the spoilt queen of Versailles could be a lovely distraction from daily drudgery.


Here are 44 things inspired by Marie Antoinette and the period she lived in. The links are listed beneath the image.


44 Things Marie Antoinette


1. Pink Feather Fan

2. Marie Antoinette Dresser

3. Marie Antoinette Shoes

4. Marie Antoinette Pink Monogram Pillow

5. Ranjana Khan Necklace

6. Marie Antoinette Butterfly Bird Cage Sail Boat Headdress

7. Strawberry Macaroons

8. Lavender Heels with Brocade Ruffles and Gold Lace

9. Silver Lilac Satin Slippers

10. Rose Pink Earrings

11. Marie Antoinette Halter Tri Top

12. Flower pin

13. Ranjana Khan Necklace

14. French Style Gift Tags

15. Shabby Chic Roses Fine Art Photo

16. Romantic off Shoulder Gown

17. Dusty Rose and Champagne Gown

18. Cupcakes of Versailles

19. The Marie Antoinette

20. “Let them eat cake” Etched Glass Cake Stand

21. Vintage Style Pearl Hair Comb

22. Diamond Embellished Vintage Cream Lace Wedding Cuff

23. Sweet Cupcake in Marie Antoinette Porcelain Small Dish

24. Marie Antoinette Blush

25. Marie Antoinette Handmade Soap

26. Elegant Hinged Jewelry Box

27. Delicate Flower Print Fan

28. Ralph Lauren “Romance Summer Blossom” Eau de Toilette

29. Romantic Pink Handmade Soap

30. Ladurée Thé Marie Antoinette

31. Extra-large Luxurious Rose Headband

32. Marie Antoinette Pendant

33. Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace with Pink Beaded Gift Box

34. Nostalgia Dreamy Rose Chiffon Dress

35. Hand Embellished Jeweled Shoes

36. Large Tote Bag from Reclaimed Chenille Vintage Fabric

37. Elizabeth, The Odd Princess of Birds Art Print

38. Elegant Bridal Lace Cuff

39. Tulle Tiered Mini Skirt

40. Marie Antoinette Porcelain Teapot

41. Marie Antoinette Gift Bags

42. Spring Green Mini Marie Antoinette Gown

43. Vintage French Brocade Purse

44. Marie Antoinette Brass Cuff Bracelet

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