Halloween Costume Countdown 7

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By Olga | October 19th 2012

No matter what species you are or which part of the Universe you hail from being a Jedi will always be an acceptable career or Halloween costume choice. Today it is all about Jedi essentials, that is to say cowls and lightsabers.


Mastering the Force for Good or Evil


Jedi Halloween costume inspiration

Female Tunic Set

Jedi or Sith Robe

Black Hood with Faux Fur

Jedi Boots

Brown Jedi Robe

Young Padawan Robe

Jedi Costume Belt

Obi Wan Kenobi Shirt


 Some more Jedi (Star Wars) awesomeness:


Jedi and Star Wars awesomeness

Darth Vader Lego Cufflinks

Custom Lightsaber Hilt

Storm Trooper Tank Top

Jedi Master Bracelet

Star Wars Key Chain

Darth Vader Soap


Shaak Ti Makeup Tutorial

Darth Maul Makeup Tutorial



Secrets of the Jedi Hairstyle

The transformation in the last video was really shocking wasn't it? :D

Available here: Links are under each image

Incorrect source or offensive?

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Learning a ton from these neat articles.

Kameryn 10.27.2011
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