Vader Approved Gift List

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By Olga | November 14th 2012

Don’t Star Wars fans love and hurt, toil and sacrifice? Do we feel no passion or don’t our wounds bleed? Don’t Star Wars fans have needs? Yes they do, and here if an abridged list. (Yes I got carried away.)


1. Fantasy Star Wars worlds contained in glass bubble globes.


Star Wars giftTatooine




2. Wish With Me cute mini Ewok

I just love this sweet little hand stitched Ewok. He measures a little over 1 1/2" tall and is detailed with embroidery floss.


Cute Star Wars Ewok



3. Star Wars vinyl art

Add Star Wars vinyl art to the interior walls of your home for a really merry Christmas.


Star Wars Christmas Gifts

Millennium Falcon


X-Wing Fighter


4. Cute Chewbacca and Ewok

Who wouldn’t appreciate these handmade and huggable felt and fur Chewbacca and Ewok dolls?


Cute felt Christmas decoration





5. There is so much Star Wars goodness out there

Some random crazy Star Wars gifts no sane (?) person can refuse.


Star Wars Christmas Gifts

AT-AT Backpack

AT-AT Bookends

Vehicle Plush




More cute Christmas decorations



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