Winter Cute

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By Olga | October 17th 2012

Winter is slowly creeping through the door, the air turns chilly and icy winds sweep in from the north. With the cold outside the warmth of the hearth feels more and more inviting, and I just want to cuddle up and envelop myself in a cozy shell of fuzzy warm things. This sentiment I’m sure Eddard Stark and his family can relate too. We don’t get too much fuzzy cuddly in the books or George R. R. Martin or in the series, but underneath the blood splattered rough surface I’m sure it is there. There must a soft kitten appreciating side to the good folk of Wintefell.


I’m sure these fantastically adorable hand knitted mug cozies from Mug Sweater would be endorsed by House Stark. I once said these are the best mug cozies in the known universe, but I stand corrected because mug sweaters also fit the category.


Mug sweaters


I have no idea where Stephanie Dosen, the owner of Tiny Owl’s Magic Attic, draws her inspiration from for her extremely sweet wooly hats, scarfs and gloves, but I’m completely in love with them. She claims to live with a unicorn, maybe that is her secret weapon in the kawaii wars.


If knitting is not your pastime of choice, but you still want to camouflage your bitter inner soul by wearing gratuitously cute and cuddly accessories, ordering a neck pet from Fun Finn just might be the way to go. Just kidding of course, bitter inner souls are so 2011, nobody is doing them anymore.


Cute winter hats and scarfs

Scarf top left

Scarf top right

Knitting pattern for Deer Hat

Baby Lamb Cuffs pattern

Mr Fox Stole pattern

Bo Peep Scarf pattern


Finally, you just have to love these funky cute hats from Annie Larson.


Funky cute hats

Available here: Links are under each image

Incorrect source or offensive?

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you just combined my two current loves, Jon Snow and Annie Larson! I am so pleased right now lol

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